Our Surveillance System for Crypto Trading and E Money institutions

Our surveillance system is a powerful tool that monitors the crypto market and detects any suspicious or abnormal activities. It alerts you in real-time and provides you with detailed reports and analysis.


Cryptocurrency surveillance measures can vary depending on the jurisdiction, the type of crypto service, and the nature of the transaction.

Our transaction monitoring is a smart tool that tracks and verifies every transaction on your platform. It applies the latest rules and regulations to prevent money laundering and comply with the authorities.

Our AML solution is a comprehensive tool that helps you comply with the anti-money laundering (AML) laws and standards in different jurisdictions. It performs risk assessments, customer due diligence (CDD), know your customer (KYC), sanctions screening, and reporting.

Our identity verification is a secure tool that verifies the identity and credentials of your customers. It uses biometric, document, and face recognition technologies to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of your customers.