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Compliance Platform for Crypto and Finance, a powerful tool that monitors the crypto market and any other financial businesses.

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Transaction Monitoring

Compliance Platform for Crypto and Finance swiftly identify suspicious Crypto and financial transactions without contend-Ing with false positives generated by rigid rule based systems and stale data. Use your own risk policy, or our behavioural AI based monitoring or a hybrid solution for the best in class results.


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KYB/KYC Management

The clients system combined with our seamlessly Monitoring platform & Wallet, will expend your clients processing options – providing you full control over the operation from all angles with a full powerful management tolls such as procedures, AML policies, risk, etc’

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Anti-Money Laundering

AML system for Crypto and Finance  reduces false positives and detect hidden risks and relationships by using our full AML suite that includes con-textually relevant Adverse Media, and continuously up-dated watchlist, sanctions, PEP and RCA, as well as live updates and instant alerts:

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Workflow Automation

Reduces onboarding friction and use configurable features, including steps, documentation required, pro-grams, etc’. Customize operations, risk levels alert and more base on what suits your compliance needs.

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